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There are many online high school options for students today, both online-only programs and options in traditional physical institutions.

Since MU High School’s online diploma program accreditation in 1999, we’ve watched the steady growth and global impact of the online high school. How is MU High’s online high school doing?

MU High School students achieve top scores on college entrance exams

The ACT test assesses students' general educational development and ability to complete college coursework.

MU High School's online students in the class of 2013 averaged a composite score of 25 on the college prep exam, more than three points above the state average, 21.6. MU High School students who took online high school classes scored an average of 27.0 in reading, 25.5 in English, 23.4 in math, and 23.5 in science.

ACT has established the following as college readiness benchmark scores for designated college courses:

  • English Composition: 18 on English Test
  • Algebra: 22 on Mathematics Test
  • Social Science: 22 on Reading Test
  • Biology: 23 on Science Test

Composite scores on College Prep exams

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