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You can enroll in our online middle school curriculum and elementary courses, anytime, anywhere, and work at your own pace. Enroll year-round -- and take up to nine months to complete your studies.

Our elementary and middle school courses can be used to supplement the curriculum of private, public, or charter schools or for enrichment purposes, remediation, or substitute for summer school.

Special Topics and Gifted Courses

Quality Courses

All of our online middle and elementary school courses are developed by certified teachers, and each one is equivalent to a semester of traditional coursework. Whether you choose to complete the elementary and middle school courses online, through the mail, or by fax, you can be assured that our courses are of the highest quality.

Parent Teaching Manual

Middle school and elementary courses include a Parent Teaching Manual to help parents guide their young students through the courses. The manuals contain information about key concepts, additional explanations about the lesson assignments, and suggestions for how to enhance students' understanding of the lesson and to successfully complete the course.