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Gifted Courses

Our gifted program permits academically talented students to work online, at their own pace, on a challenging array of subjects, including mathematics, science, language arts, world Languages, and social studies. Gifted students can take charge of their learning with self-paced lessons, pre-tests, and other activities that allow them to choose topics to study in more depth. Our gifted program includes courses with both faculty- and computer-evaluated lessons.

Consider the following hints when selecting a gifted program:

  • Choose a gifted course that sounds interesting.
  • Preview a lesson in the course from our web site.
  • Access the preview via the course description.
  • Find a copy of the book(s) used in the course.

These grade placement recommendations for gifted students are suggestions only. When selecting a gifted program for a student, please also take into account the student's maturity level, academic preparedness, and interest level in the subject.

Courses for gifted students