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Dual Enrollment

What are the benefits?

  • Students have an opportunity to get a jump start on earning college credit courses while simultaneously earning high school credit.
  • College credit is awarded by the University of Missouri. High school credit is awarded by the student's participating high school.
  • College credit courses developed by University of Missouri faculty in areas such as literature, languages, math, science and social sciences ensure a quality learning experience.

Who qualifies to start earning college credit?

High school students who:

  • have a B+ average, as certified by their high schools, at the time of enrollment;
  • have completed 12 or more units of high school level credits;
  • are in the upper 25% of their class;
  • have achieved an ACT score of 24 or better (or equivalent SAT score);
  • have been approved by their high school counselor or principal as being academically prepared for rigorous college-level course work.

Students may only enroll in a maximum of four college credit courses in the dual enrollment program.

Go to Mizzou Online and use the course search feature to find a complete list of university course offerings. You will need to complete and submit a dual enrollment application form (pdf) to be eligible for enrollment.

Dual enrollment courses require students to pay full University of Missouri tuition, including nonresident fees for those students not residing in Missouri. Nonresident fees apply to college level courses only. For details on current college level course fees, please see the MU Office of the Cashiers page.