High School subject areas
Chemistry, Second Half Unit
Credit: 0.5 units
Lessons: 12 lessons, 12 submitted
Exams: 2 exams
Grading: Computer and Faculty Evaluated
Prerequisites: None
Description: An introduction to the science of chemistry, this laboratory course studies chemical reactions. The main ideas of solutions, heat exchange, and reaction rates are explored. Then, acid-base, redox, and organic chemistry are introduced. The course’s laboratory component is an integral portion of most lessons. Students may choose to purchase a laboratory kit that includes only items that may be less easy to obtain on their own.
Special Instructions: 

Students will be required to upload documents in Word 97–2003 (.doc) or Rich Text (.rtf) format. These documents can be created in Microsoft Word or another office suite that saves in the .doc or .rtf format, such as the open-source OpenOffice or Google Docs online.

Either the 2005 or the 2008 edition of the textbook may be used with this course.

NOTE: The Virtual ChemLab will not work with the Mac’s operating system 10. It also does not work on computers using Windows Vista. You will need Windows XP or Windows 7.

Preview This Course — A preview includes general information about the course and, if available, one lesson and one progress evaluation.

Required materials

 AuthorDescriptionEditionISBNNew Price  
1. chemKit, Chemistry 2nd Half  135.00 
2. WilbrahamChemistry w/Student Express & ChemASAP6th '05, 7th '080-13-115262-9118.70 
3. WilbrahamVirtual Chemlab6th '050-13-166412-3138.75 
Required materials total: $392.45

Course Fees
High School fee: $165.00 *
Administrative fee: $25.00
Subtotal, fees only: $190.00

Required materials: $392.45
Total cost, including materials: $582.45

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