High School subject areas
Astronomy, First Half Unit
Credit: 0.5 units
Lessons: 10 lessons, 10 submitted
Exams: 2 exams
Grading: Computer and Faculty Evaluated
Prerequisites: None
Description: This introductory course presents the terminology used in astronomy, a historical perspective on the subject, and current thinking about our universe. The course provides an understanding of the solar system, the night sky, and some of the practical aspects of astronomy. Some activities in this course require students to view the sky and record their observations.
Special Instructions: To submit Lesson 10 online, students will be need to upload a document in Word 97–2003 (.doc) or Rich Text (.rtf) format. This document can be created in Microsoft Word or another office suite that saves in the .doc or .rtf format, such as the open-source OpenOffice or Google Docs online. This lesson can also be mailed in to the Center.

Preview This Course — A preview includes general information about the course and, if available, one lesson and one progress evaluation.

Required materials
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1. FreedmanUniverse w/CD (required)8th '081-42920-581-4 (pkg), 978-0-7167-8584-2115.90 
Required materials total: $115.90

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Administrative fee: $25.00
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Required materials: $115.90
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