High School subject areas
9th Grade English, Second Half Unit
Credit: 0.5 units
Lessons: 11 lessons, 11 submitted
Exams: 2 exams
Grading: Computer and Faculty Evaluated
Prerequisites: None
Description: In the second half unit, students will continue to develop skills for literary analysis and writing. They will also complete an in-depth study of Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet, and Homer’s Greek epic, the Odyssey. Lessons are organized into four sections: literature, journaling, vocabulary, and grammar.
Special Instructions: 

Lesson assignments need to be created in Microsoft Word or another word processor that saves files as .doc (Word 97–2003 document) or .rtf (Rich Text format). The Glencoe Literature textbook is also used for the first half unit.

Preview This Course — A preview includes general information about the course and, if available, one lesson and one progress evaluation.

Required materials
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1. ChinGlencoe Literature 9'020-07-825108-778.75 
2. ChinGrammar & Language Workbook 9 0-02-818294-418.25 
Required materials total: $97.00

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High School fee: $165.00 *
Administrative fee: $25.00
Subtotal, fees only: $190.00

Required materials: $97.00
Total cost, including materials: $287.00

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